March Newsletter

Due to upcoming board exam in March and school exams in April, February saw an increase in attendance and seriousness of students at our study centers.

The exclusively run 'intense learning center' was closed for this academic session after the distribution of stationary to the students due to the upcoming examinations, for students to do revision of the chapters which they have mastered in the learning center.

The Sopan students got an opportunity to put 2 stalls in the Open House conducted at IITk. Several schools in and around Kanpur had participated in this. Our village students filled the school along with their teachers with thrill and excitement while explaining them the science experiments.

The participants were also given cotton bags made by members in Sopan Swavlamban kendra, The stall of shiksha sopan students was one of the major center of attractions during the entire day.

This month students also got to interact with a Professor from IIT Guwahati, who took time out to explain to these students the technology of Fiber Optics, A couple of students attended this demonstration due to the chapter of 'total internal reflection' in their books.

A workshop was offered by Ms. Neha Vithani where students were taught to make multi-layer greeting card. Several students mastered the art during the workshop and made a couple of greeting cards for teachers and friends the provided material.