Contribution Recipt (Apr to Aug)

Hello contributors,

Recently I received a receipt of the contributions that were made since April to August.

This is a combined receipt of five months together, but I want to mention that a contributions were made individually each with the amount of 2500 INR made on the first of every month.

This was made possible by contributions from Saurabh Dayal, Nimisha Srivastava and Amrendra Narayan.

September 2011 Newsletter

August is special for all neighboring villages of IIT kanpur, since they get to participate in the independence day celebration grandly organized by Shiksha Sopan.

Keeping the flow of national sentiments, Sopan volunteers also took out anti-corruption rallies in the neighboring villages. A 2-day camp for Pratibha Poshan Yojna candidates was taken up this month. We also took a drive for NTSE awareness and preparation amongst our PPY students apart from other programs and regular activities. Please click on the title link to view the full newsletter depicting the activities in August 2011