December 2011 Newsletter

There were no major centralized event organized during November. All the units concentrated at their regular activities in addition to the program on Children’s day. NTSE, PPYJ, Evening centers and school, actively pursued their programs. Please click on the title link to read the detailed newsletter of December 2011.

November 2011 Newsletter

Traditionally the month of October is a festive month. We packaged the festivities together with academic activities. Among others Shiksha Sopan celebrated Bapu's birthday, Dussehra and Deepavali. The Sopan Vidyalaya conducted special cultural and academic activities while some evening centers conducted visit programs. NTSE, PPYJ as well as Higher education Cell actively pursued their programs. Please click on the Title link to read the detailed newsletter.

October 2011 Newsletter

With blessings of all our well wishers, we have developed an excellent team of committed workers, most of whom come from the section of society which is still struggling for their livelihood. With the heroic efforts of this team, Sopan activities are expanding and people are keen to know and adapt these models. In September, there were two outreach activities, one at a remote village Muskara and the other at IITK, organized by NERD, where people keenly interacted with Sopan to know about its educational models. All centers conducted their activities efficiently and there was an increase in participation from the society. The newsletter gives a brief description of the activities in September 2011.

Please click the title link to read the entire newsletter.

Contribution Recipt (Apr to Aug)

Hello contributors,

Recently I received a receipt of the contributions that were made since April to August.

This is a combined receipt of five months together, but I want to mention that a contributions were made individually each with the amount of 2500 INR made on the first of every month.

This was made possible by contributions from Saurabh Dayal, Nimisha Srivastava and Amrendra Narayan.

September 2011 Newsletter

August is special for all neighboring villages of IIT kanpur, since they get to participate in the independence day celebration grandly organized by Shiksha Sopan.

Keeping the flow of national sentiments, Sopan volunteers also took out anti-corruption rallies in the neighboring villages. A 2-day camp for Pratibha Poshan Yojna candidates was taken up this month. We also took a drive for NTSE awareness and preparation amongst our PPY students apart from other programs and regular activities. Please click on the title link to view the full newsletter depicting the activities in August 2011

August 2011 Newsletter

In order to take the work of social reconstruction ahead with greater pace,
Shiksha Sopan volunteers had several rounds of discussion in the month of
July. With several reshuffle and restructure, a new energy has been enthused
in the team. Here is a description about this month’s activities.

Please click on the title to view the full newsletter.

July 2011 Newsletter

The June Month of Shiksha Sopan was started with the outgoing performance of
Shiksha Sopan children in the High school and Intermediate Results. Sopan
Vidyalaya and Evening centers of Barasirohi and Ratanpur were closed most of the time in this
month. However, the team of Sopan had enough work to do. It involves the various activities
for the upliftment of the volunteers, like Volunteer Development Programme. Anti
corruption bill meeting to fight against corruption was also held. Here is a description about
this month’s activities.

Please click on the title to view the full newsletter.

June 2011 Newsletter

This month we at Shiksha Sopan organized a summer camp for children of Pratibha Poshan Yojana (PPY). A two-days counseling session was also organized for PPY 2007 batch. Shiksha Sopan’s science team managed successfully 5-days workshop “National Workshop of Utashi Physics teachers (NWUPT-11).

Please click the title link to read the full description with relevant photographs of the jubilant and enthusiastic participants during the events.

May 2011 Newsletter

During April Shiksha Sopan was busy with VNK Merit Scholarship Examination was held at five different schools. An Awareness lecture on environment and Discussion meeting on corruption
were some of the special events in this month. Please click the above title link to view the full detailed 5 page newsletter.

April 2011 Newsletter

The month of March was focused on Second Level examination to select new batch of PPY (sr) was conducted in IIT Campus, followed by evaluation of answerbooks. Holi Millan Programmes, Saheed Divas were conducted at Evening centers. PPY (J), GAK, Library and Swavalamban Kendra were running very smoothly. Please click the above link to see a detailed description about this month’s activities.

delay in contribution receipt

We apologize that we have not been able to produce the contribution receipts in the same month. Due to some operational changes in Shiksha Sopan in kanpur the available volunteers are pressed for time and hence the receipt of a few months are bunched together and scanned. Hence the receipts are not coming very promptly.

We will continue posting the newsletters regularly as we receive them, but the receipt scans will be posted after maybe 2-3 months of the actual receipt.

The actual contribution remains steady and continuous on the first of every month. If a person is interested further, the actual bank statement showing the contribution to to the Shiksha Sopan bank account can be made available for viewing.

Feel free to post your suggestion, feedback or criticism.

March 2011 Newsletter

Amongst several activities, the month of February included a mammoth exercise for selecting next batch of Pratibha Poshan Yojana (S). This was undertaken in collaboration with a Kanpur based NGO “Talent Development Council” , where a Talent search Examination was conducted in remote areas around Kanpur. A Health Camp for Sopan Children was organized in collaboration with Vivekanand Samiti of IITK and Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Kanpur. Some IITK students from NSS gave a wonderful interactive session on Cultural Diversity of India. The two evening Centers, Sopan Vidyalaya, Science Cell, PPY (J), GAK, Library and Swavalamban Kendra ran smoothly.

Please click on the link title to see the full 4 page newsletter.

February 2011 Contribution Receipt

This contribution was affected by members from the Alumni of IITK Saurabh Dayal, Amrendra Narayan and Nimisha Srivastava.

Feb 2011 Newsletter

The month of January was very special & most awaited one for Shiksha Sopan as
it celebrated its 10th Annual Day Function on 16th of January. The whole month
was celebrated with full excitement in the form of various activities like Jagrukta
rally, different types of competitions, games, Stage programmes etc. The month
also comprised of GBM election & Republic Day celebration at Sopan Vidyalay

To read further, please click on the title link to open the whole 5 page newsletter.

January 2011 Contribution Receipt

This contribution was jointly affected by the jubilant lot of Nimisha Srivastava, Saurabh Dayal, Markandey Tripathi and Amrendra Narayan.

It would be encouraging if all the readers of this blog also post their comments on how we can take this further and on various innovations we can do with the teaching methods in Sopan Vidyalaya.

Jan 2011 Newsletter

This is the 25th issue of our monthly communication. With the participation from all our members and well wishers we have been able to do a little for the society that has supported us to achieve our present status. The newsletters have been the link among ourselves, positioned at different parts of the globe, to make us work as a coherent team. Let us all wish a very productive year
2011 for Shiksha Sopan.

Please click on the title link to read the full newsletter.

December 2010 Contribution Receipt

This contribution was affected in the jolly togetherness of Saurabh Dayal, Amrendra Narayan, Markandey M. Tripathi and Nimisha Srivastava.

All of the above are Graduate students at Mississippi State University.

Please click the image to enlarge the receipt image.

November 2010 Contribution Receipt

In order to keep the sequence, I did not upload this contribution receipt until I got the scan copy for the October receipt. Hence this is being posted late.

This contribution was affected by Markandey Tripathi, Nimisha Srivastava, Saurabh Dayal, Amrendra Narayan, and with the emotional support of the whole MSU ISA family.

October 2010 Contribution

I apologise for the late posting.

This contribution got delayed due to a confusion at my end. The automatic transfer set in the bank account ended after a fixed term. Noticing this, the automatic transfer was re-enabled, but in the middle of all this, the fact that there was no transfer for the contribution of October went ignored.

On being pointed out by another volunteer in Shiksha sopan, it was transferred again.

This contribution was affected jointly by Saurabh Dayal, Nimisha Srivastava, Markandey M. Tripathi, Amrendra Narayan and the grace of several others.