What are we doing, why are we doing ! (Contribution receipt of Apr to July 2012)

Attached is the receipt of contribution made from April to July 2012.
This was affected jointly by Dr. Saurabh Dayal, Dr. Nimisha Srivastava and Amrendra Narayan.

I wish to state the logo statement of Shiksha Sopan here for myself. (translation) Instead of blaming darkness, lets together light a lamp.

Its very difficult to get over the sense of lack we are often plagued by. Lets ask ourselves, can we fill our stomach to our satisfaction ? If yes, then our circumstances are getting ready for starting to contribute towards social welfare. Just because I can't eat my favorite ice-cream, or can't watch the movie just released, or can't visit a place I wanted to, we stay convinced that 'I don't have enough'. But shall I be able to eat the ice-cream in front of someone who has not had a single meal since morning ? Shall I be able to watch a movie if I know a single person, who very often, walks back home at the end of work-day in fear of how he will face his children without food today also ?

This is no movie situation. Every 30 minutes, another farmer in India commits suicide. I recall how the wife of a daily-laborer used to tell story to her children that a witch caught their father while he was coming back from work and snatched the food he was bringing for us. The mother believed that the story had the merit that the children while accepting that they won't have enough food tonight still did not lose hope for the next night's meal. And she can repeat the story any number of times for any other evening her husband couldn't earn enough for that day's meal. The mother who was rather young, still older than me at the time of the conversation shared with me how one day her little girl came back later asking Papa to take her with him on work. She said that she would request the witch to not snatch their food because she gets very hungry in the night. The child, unlike others, who gets to know witches and ghosts through stories had the courage to face the witch and the hope to convince that the hunger situation of herself and her siblings would change the heart of the witch to not snatch food from her father anymore. Little did she know, that witches apart, her hunger does not make much difference to fellow humans. The mother' body and expression was still, while she shared all this to me. Probably sharing this story was much less difficult than hearing her daughter talk about trying to convince the witch.

For most of us, people of this kind are mere news and statistics that we read, we continue to stay oblivious, probably feeling a little concerned as we read and then getting busy in fulfilling our preferences.

There are needs and then there are preferences, if we have enough to take care of our preferences, we have enough to contribute a little towards the needs of fellow humans.